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Are you Ready to Tackle the MTB Route of the Year through the Beautiful Cotswolds.

HONC 37 Entries Go live 8:00 am Sunday 17th April 2022

With Routes Suitable for all Abilities

HONC 37 – 4th September 2022

The 37th edition of Hell of the North Cotswolds ‘HONC 37’ will take place on Sunday 4th September 2022. Online entries open at 8am this Sunday (17th April 2022) to coincide with Paris Roubaix, the original ‘Hell of the North’.

The entry fee will be again £30 this year which includes a non-refundable admin fee of £3 should the event be cancelled. To register for the event visit cllick the button below

If you are under 18 Years of age you will need to get your parent or Guardian to fill in a Parental consent form

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